Founded by a small group of philosophers and cognitive scientists over a grey New Jersey weekend in April 2003, the Moral Psychology Research Group fosters collaborative interdisciplinary research on human mentation and morality. The Group’s research has been awarded grants from entities including The National Science Foundation, The National Institutes of Health, The John Templeton Foundation, The MacArthur Foundation, The National Endowment for the Humanities, The American Council of Learned Societies, The National Humanities Center, The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, and Princeton’s University Center for Human Values. ¬†Members have been honored with such awards as the Society for Philosophy and Psychology’s Stanton and William James Prizes, the American Philosophical Association’s Joseph B. Gittler Award, the Society for Psychological Science’s Rising Star Award, The Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology’s SAGE Young Scholar Award, and membership in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. They have published extensively on such topics as moral reasoning, character, evaluative diversity, moral emotion, self-knowledge, positive psychology, moral rules, the neural correlates of ethical judgment, and the attribution of moral responsibility. Our collaboratively authored volume,¬†The Moral Psychology Handbook, appeared with Oxford University Press in June 2010.